Island time

Since I’m abroad with my cousin Lucas, I feel like I am always seeing family – which I like. The part of the family who came to visit us this time was my first cousin Jordan (Lucas’s older brother), his girlfriend Jenny, our second cousin Rebecca, and her college best friend Jackie. It was a great crew because we all get along really well because we’re all really close to each other and close in age. Them coming to visit was something that was always discussed, but no one actually thought it was going to happen. After me and Lucas arrived they quickly started to plan this trip because they got to see two cousins in one trip and also because they haven’t even been to Barcelona yet!

They finally arrived in Barcelona on Thursday April 20th and stayed until Tuesday April 25th. Having them in Barcelona with me made part of my last week abroad so special to me. When they first got here Thursday morning, they took a quick nap and then started their day here in Barcelona. Since I have already done the touristy stuff so many times before , with my parents, my friends, and my twin sister,  I decided I was going to meet up with them at dinner. At 9:00pm we met up got a drink and then we grabbed a quick dinner so we could get in bed early. They were trying to adjust to the time difference so they wouldn’t be tired the entire week.

Friday morning we slept in a little bit and got to Milk for breakfast by 11:00pm. We had a great breakfast and then walked around in the area for a while. After we were done cruising around, we started walking towards the beach so we could do the cable cars. When we got there, the line was insane. We decided to wait on it – I’m not really sure why. After waiting on the line for an hour and a half  we finally got our tickets to go up. We got on the elevator and we were so excited to be done waiting on lines and to just get on the cable car. We were wrong. Once we stepped out of the elevator there was another long long line At this point we were too far to just go home, but we still highly considered it. Finally after some time we got on the cable car and made it to the top. All we saw was a restaurant and since we were all basically starving and there wasn’t much else to do, we went right there. When the waiter came up to us we tried to order our food dishes but he told us that the kitchen is closed.  We were pissed. We continued to order a bottle of white wine and Jordan and Lucas got beer.

Instead of taking the cable car roundtrip ticket back down, we decided to take a cab to an empanadas place that is right near mine and Lucas’s apartment. Luckily, we found a cab for 6 and got right in. We told him the address and within 15 minutes we were there and the machine said it was 20.00 Euros. Once again, we were pissed. We had no idea we could take a cab up to the top for only 15 minutes, and that it would only be 20 euros! We could have saved those two hours we spent waiting in line for the tickets and we could have even saved money! It would have been  6 euros each for the cab up and down, which is a total of 12, when we paid about 16 for a roundtrip ticket. Even though it doesn’t seem like that much of a money difference, it was a HUGE difference in time.

After we are our empanadas, they went back to their hotel and me and Lucas went back to our apartment to nap a little before tonight. We all met back up again at 9:30 at Toto and we had a great meal. Tonight was the night that me and Lucas were going to take Jordan and Jenny to Opium so after dinner we took them to Chipitos so they can see what is was like, and then we went to the room. When got to Opium we all danced and had a great time. We all went home pretty early because we had a wine tour to go to the next morning!

I woke up Saturday morning at 11:00am and was surprisingly really ready for the wine tour! The wine tour was so much fun. It was all day, and we saw two wineries and tried different meats, cheeses, cavas, and wines! It was really interesting to hear the way they made the Cava because I didn’t know that they made it out of wine and that they have to turn it a certain amount everyday until its ready! I was in shock that people still choose to do this because it takes so much time and it seems as if it could be so easy to mess up.

On Sunday I didn’t met up with them until 5:00 at CDLC because they did more tourist things and I had to do work for my classes. That night we then went to novella negra to watch the soccer game. On Monday, I had a lot of classes to go to. I didn’t see them until dinner. It was our last dinner because they were leaving early the next morning. After dinner we took them to dow jones, the stock market bar, but they left after a few minutes because they had to finish packing and get in bed.

I am so happy they came to visit but it is weirder that I will see them again in America in only a week!


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