A podcast is an audio file that can be downloaded from the internet and can be listened to on most technological devices. In 2004 the article Guardian newspaper article, Ben Hammersley explained how the name podcast came from a mixture of iPad and broadcast.


Podcasting is something that is constantly growing because it becomes easier and easier to do with the increase in technology use. Now, people are easily allowed to share there thoughts whenever they want through a podcast. Its no longer having to have permissions to share your thoughts, but more about whether or not you will choose to do so.

Podcasting is also something people like because they’re able to just talk and get their thoughts out. Although the speaker has to monitor what they’re saying to some extent, from my point of view I do not think it is as monitored as just simply writing something. It might be more difficult to organise your thoughts but when you are speaking, you get to share more of an emotional side to what you are saying which is not always an option when you choose to write about. Hearing the physical voice reassures the audience of what the mood is supposed to be.

Since the semester is almost done, I decided to do a podcast on my favorite place to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Barcelona. After talking about these places, I realized what they all had in common was that I either went to them with my roommates for the first time or my roommates told me about them.


Here is my podcast:

Since there is only so much I can say on Audacity, I want to include more reasons why Federal Cafe, MakaMaka, and Toto are special to me.


Federal Cafe: Although this wasn’t our first meal together, ill explain more about what was later, it was still one of our very first. Since we all came to Barcelona a week before classes started, we had time to explore and learn our way around Barcelona. We decided to go to Federal Cafe so we can learn more about our neighbourhood. When we got there they placed us on the roof – just the 6 of us. That was when I first tried salmon eggs Benedict – who knew that would end up being my favorite breakfast meal!

Makemaka: Makamaka was our first meal all together! On our second day here all 6 of us went there for lunch. I was a little nervous for this meal because I only knew 1 out of the 6 of them, them while they all knew each other from college. The nerves quickly went away because within the first 5 minutes they made me feel as if I knew them for years. We choose this place because it was on the beach and we wanted to explore the beach side of Barcelona. After that day, Makamaka is the place I go to when I want to spend the day on the beach and have a nice long walk home.

Toto: Since my parents are picky eaters, when they came to visit I did not know many places to take them. I asked my roommates if they had any suggestions and they all said Toto because thats where most of them took their parents. When we got there the first thing I saw was the chicken. The chicken stood out to me because I feel like I haven’t had a lot of chicken, or healthy food, since I have been abroad. I split the chicken for two with my dad and we were both extremely satisfied with our meal. When I came home that night and told my roommates what I ate, one of my roommates also said she split the chicken for two with her dad. We discussed how good it was for a long time and said how we wish it was more in our budget so we could go more!

Although these are my favorite places to go, my last week here I am going to try to go to as many difference places as possible. They’re so many different restaurants in Barcelona and I don’t want to miss out on any!


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