Spring Breakers

When it was time to plan spring break, it was hard to figure out where to go. At first, we were going to go to Portugal. That was always the plan. But then, we last minute changed our mind. Without knowing anything about the Country, we decided to go to Croatia for a few days during our spring break. When we landed in Dubrovnik I was mind blown. I was able to see all the mountains and was excited for what we were going to see next.

We got to our hotel at 4:30 on Sunday and we had a 6:00 dinner reservation at a restaurant called Panorama in Dubrovnik. When we got to our table we had a full view of the city.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – it looked exactly as it did online! The picture on the left is a picture from google and the picture on the left is the picture I took. Our cab driver told us it was the second best restaurant in Dubrovnik and the price for food, drinks, and dessert was only $20 a person!

The next day we went to see the Dubrovnik wall which I was really excited for because it was where Game Of Thrones was filmed. As soon as we got there I immediately recognised Kings Landing, which is the capital of the fictional seven kingdoms, because this is where the unforgettable battle of Blackwater Bay in season two of Thrones was filmed.


Game-of-Thrones-Blackwater-BayLater that night we got onto a 5 hour bus to Spit – another city in Croatia. Instead of staying in a hotel we decided to do a Villa. When we got to the bus stop we were greeted by the Villa owner. He drove us to the Villa where he also prepared a cheese dish for us. It was a great start to the new city that we would soon get to explore!

The next day we went on a boat tour where we explored different islands. Our first destination was the smallest Island I’ve ever seen. Since it was early and we were hungry, we were expecting to find something to eat but there were almost no restaurants! We saw a lot of people sitting at tables outside of what looked like restaurants, but they were only drinking coffee! We ended up going to a small market where we got chips to hold us over until lunch.


A few hours later we arrived at another island called Bisevo, where we saw the Blue Cave. We got off our boat, purchased a ticket, and then got onto another small wooden boat. The entrance to the cave was so small that we all had to duck and sit on the floor so we could fit. Once we were in all we could see was the shiny blue light that is created by light refraction of sunlight that enters through just a small crack in the stone. The blue cave was something that wasn’t always open to the public, and it is something I think everyone should see.


Our final day in Split, we went to Split’s national park where we saw the Krka waterfalls. This was one of the most beautiful spots that I have ever seen. This park was created to protect the Krka River and is now a huge tourist attraction. We walked all over the park and saw 3 incredible waterfall where we also had the option of going into them if we wanted to! Without it being planned, we ended up spending the entire day there.

Once again, Croatia has amazed me!



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