Politics 2.0

Social media is something that is constantly changing political elections. It changed the way the campaigns itself are run and how Americans interact with political figures. Social media makes the candidates more accountable to the voters and also makes it extremely easy for them to learn about future plans that the candidates have. They are able to deliver their messages in an extremely effective way and with just one click, they can spread their messages to millions.

When Barack Obama was elected to be president, he made history. Not only was he the first African American to be president, but he was also the first president to successfully use social media in his campaign. He used social media by creating a Facebook page, a twitter account, and his own personal website to quickly spread the word and keep people engaged in what he was planning on doing if he were to be elected. This new form of political communication allowed Obama , and future candidates, to reach almost anyone.

A direct way to connect with voters: Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube make is easy for candidates to connect with future voters because they are easily able to post pictures, videos, and messages in an interactive way. By using these websites they have the opportunity to directly have conversations with potential voters without having to actually spend a dime. Instead of having to pay to air a commercial on the T.V or radio – they are able to post their political commercials on things like YouTube for free! This is essential when it comes to informing and updating voters on future policies.  

Information goes viral: The use of social media allows anything that the candidates says to go viral. People are now allowed to share and retweet information and posts about the campaign. By simply just re posting something that a political figure said, people who are facebook friends with you or follow you on twitter have the opportunity to also see the post. Candidates are also able to change their message depending on which target audience they are trying to appeal.

Feedback: The use of social media also allows the audience to respond back to messages that are being sent. Whether it’s a comment or a question regarding the campaign, politicians usually take the time to respond to the feedback to make sure everyone’s questions are answered. This also allows those who are running for president to know if their future plans will succeed or not because they know what their supporters and opponents stances are.

Investment: Facebook and Twitter are also used as a way to get supporters to donate money. They post on these social media websites to get the word out and by seeing who their followers are, they have a good idea of who might want to donate to their campaign.



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