It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

On April 5th I had the pleasure of meeting Ana Lopez. I was extremely interested in what she had to say because I never really thought about the time when social media wasn’t around. Since I find out most of my information from the media and advertisements, I can only imagine how hard it was in 2009 to get a companies name to be heard and well known.

Before Lopez came to speak I did some research on her. The first thing I saw was her LinkedIn account. Just from this I was able to learn that she is the head of Digital Marketing at Damm Group Brewery (2009 – 2016) and that she created all of Estrella Damm’s social media accounts. Without a doubt this must have been a huge challenge for her.

The next site I looked at was the Estrella Damm website.  While her LinkedIn account told me a lot about her personal success, this website told me more about Estrella Damm beer and the company itself. There were multiple films that were available along with background information on the beer, a guide, and an events calendar.

When Lopez first got to the classroom the first question she asked was “what do you know about Estrella Damm”? The only thing I knew was that it was a beer. Nothing else! I knew nothing about the marketing aspects of it. When Lopez first started working for this company in 2009 Estrella Damm launched their first commercial, also known as a music video, that was three minutes long. This was seen as a revolution. It was the first time the company has done something like this and it was a great success.

After this video was posted the companies brand awareness went up by 200% and the song went viral. It quickly became the number one song played that summer and whenever someone hears the song, they then think of the beer. This commercial went on T.V and in 2009 it wasn’t common for companies to bring things from YouTube to the T.V.

They continue to make videos and with each video the percentage of brand awareness continues to increase. When looking at the Estrella Damm video in 2016, you can tell there are some differences.

For example, the length and the amount of views. In 2009 the video was 3 minutes and  in 2016 it was 12 minutes long. The video that was posted in 2016 also had a lot more views because the company is more known due to the increase of social media use.  They were even rewarded on youtube for having the best campaign and now, instead of working alone Lopez has a team of 30 people. The budget also increased an immense amount because of the noise that is being brought to the company by the media. Her budget started off in 2009 as 10,000 euros and it increased to over 1 billion euros by 2016.

Another marketing technique Lopez used was creating digital platforms to help the company grow. Damn Group Brewery is now very active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. and because of that, they are becoming more and more popular each year.


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