It’s Not Just a Blog

For a company to succeed, the product needs to be known to the market. Corporate Blogs are blogs that a company creates to reach a specific objective. The purpose is to utilize and promote their products and services that the company specializes in. It is also used to communicate and update its employees and shareholders with what’s going on inside the corporation.

There are several different types of corporate blogs:

  1. Brand Blogs; when the company wants to talk about an existing brand or a new brand.
  2. Product or Service Blogs; when the company its testing out a new product and wants to get feedback about a certain product from its customers
  3. Employees blogs; when the company’s boss or employees talk about the company from their perspective
  4. Blogs for special happenings; when the company writes about a special event they had
  5. Sector Blogs; when the company wants to promote a specific product or target market

Corporate blogs matter because it is important to make the customer happy. Without the customer, there would be no business. When they reach the target market, the company is prone to success. With the blog, you are interacting with the customers which will allow your company to succeed because for starters, it increases brand awareness. Blogging gives the corporate a voice and 70% of consumers find out about a company through articles online instead of from advertisements because so many people are so active on the web. What better way to inform potential customers about your brand then to actually write about it on the internet?

These corporate blogs also build relationships with the customers. They are hearing the company’s voice. The customers are learning to trust the companies which makes them feel more comfortable when it comes to them making a purchase. 


Viral marketing is something that also helps a company succeed. Main advantages for viral marketing are the low advertising costs, fast growth, and mainstream media exposure. Social network websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are used to help employees get the word out to their potential buyers about what they are selling. These websites give corporate companies the opportunity to reach a lot of people very quickly.

Simply one post about your product will stay on the internet for years. That means your company will continue to get traffic  ,no matter where you physically are,   because it will continue to come up in peoples search engines. As a CEO, you could be at the gym or on vacation and still be bringing traffic to your company.  70% of the companies monthly traffic comes from blog posts that weren’t even publicised in the current month! 


When creating your corporate blog you must keep in mind different ways to make it stand out. Since blogging is something that is becoming more and more common, you need to figure out how to make it incompatible from your competitors. Then, your company will have no problem staying in business!


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