Valentín Sanjuan: What’s Next?

I was extremely interested in what Valentí Sanjuan had to say. I thought everything he told us was honest and realistic and quite frankly – it gave me a lot of motivation to find my passion!  When I was doing research to find out more information about Sanjuan, the first thing that popped up when I searched his name was an article called The Ironman who changed a life.   This article talks about how in just a short period of time he lost his job, his girlfriend, and his mother. Instead of letting all of these terrible events bring him down, he did just the opposite. 

The article talked about how Sanjuan took his own path and ended up creating his own agency called Gordon Seen and also set up a program called Visto Visto. He then, with only two months until the triathlon, decided that he wanted to compete in it. He was told that he was not going to be able to finish the race in the maximum amount of hours, however, he finished it with 4 hours left to spare.

This was the beginning of his new career path. He opened up two YouTube channels, one where he would post his sporting events and another where he could could post other daily videos that were unrelated to sports. The first YouTube channel has over 100,000 subscribers and the second has more than 70,000.

Despite the fact that I can’t speak any Spanish, I was still able to feel his emotions after watching this video. I felt like I was physically there with him cheering him on and waiting for him to finish. YouTube videos are usually around 5-10 minutes long but this one was over 30 minutes, and it still had 180,332 views.

After doing this research I felt prepared and ready to hear about what Sanjuan was going share. When he first started to speak he made sure to make us all feel comfortable by asking us questions like, “what do you think I do” and “who do you think my boss is” which forced us to participate and interact.

We spoke a lot about who his possible bosses were. At first, we all said he was one of his bosses. He told us that was true and that was the biggest difference between what he used to do compared to what he does now. When he worked with radio, he had a boss who hired him. Now, he works mostly for himself and because of the iPhone, he was able to do a lot with only a few resources. Another one of his bosses are his sponsors. Although there are no exact guidelines to what he can and cannot do, he has to promote the company in a positive way and if he fails to do they will drop him. His final and most “real” boss is the audience. We are the ones who are listening to what he has to say and it is up to us to either like what he is doing or not. He uses social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to reach an audience. This can become tricky because if YouTube doesn’t like something that he posts, they can choose to take it down and stop recommending it to other viewers. I thought it was interesting when Sanjuan said to us, “I have no audience in this room”. He said that because none of us are the ones who follow him because he has a different target audience.

Even though it wasn’t his goal, he truly did inspire me. I want to find something I am that passionate about because it makes your life that much more enjoyable. After hearing him speak I immediately followed him on Instagram because I was fascinated by what he was going to do next!




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