Similarities and differences between New York City and Barcelona

After talking about how the college lifestyle is different here in Europe than in America I started thinking more about what some other differences and similarities both Barcelona and New York City shared. After living in Barcelona for almost three months now, I think it is safe to say that Barcelona and New York City share only one major similarity. They are both located in the city. As I previously explained, I am a city girl and that is the main reason why I choose to come to Barcelona.


The train is something that makes me feel comfortable because that means that I have the ability to go almost anywhere – not only when I am home in New York but also when I am in Barcelona. Using the train at a young age has taught me how to be independent and how to be “street smart” which I think is what helped me adjust to the Barcelona lifestyle so quickly. I am able to explore and find new places by myself and I think Barcelona is the perfect place to do that because there is so much to see.

Other than the two both being a city, I think Barcelona and New York City have many differences besides the college experience. For starters, the language barrier. Although some might disagree, I feel like it is very difficult to find someone who speaks english well. I know that this is completely my fault because I came here knowing no Spanish at all, but I was told a lot of people here speak English. Strangely, I have not had that experience yet.

Another difference is the pace that everyone  moves in.  In Barcelona, everyone is extremely relaxed and from my opinion, they are never really in a rush. In New York City… well that’s a different story. Everyone is always running around the city as if they were on a mission. You run from train to train and street to street. I forgot what it was like to relax until I came here! I am unsure if it is because here in Barcelona you are able to walk outside and end up at the beach but for some reason, New Yorkers move a lot faster and I am not sure if I can adjust back to that!

Another difference – that I struggle with the most – is how late everything is in Barcelona. When I first arrived in Barcelona the hardest adjustment that I had to make was waiting to eat dinner until 10:00. That was hard for me at first because I am used to eating at 8:00pm. I quickly got used to all the late meals because I started napping during siesta so when I woke up at 9:00 I was ready to eat and stay up later.

My experience while being here has made me want to move to Barcelona and continue traveling all around Europe. I have quickly grown to love Barcelona and I know my parents won’t be happy about this  this – but I plan to extend my stay here for as long as possible.



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