Is Technology Dependence Making us More Alone?

With the constant increase of technology use, I can’t help but wonder how it might actually be affecting us negatively. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe technology is something that is extremely beneficial, but I also think that it has the potential of possibly making us feel alone. Technology is obviously something that is changing human relations all over the world but it is very obvious to everyone that my generation is extremely dependent on the little screens that we carry everywhere we go.

These devices are so psychologically powerful to the point where I worry if it is changing our relationships with other people. No one is ever fully present in the moment anymore not only because our attention span has shrunk, but also because we now have access to basically anything we want. 

We are always removing ourselves from any uncomfortable situations and even when we are with our friends, we are still focusing on those who aren’t physically with us. These devices are ruining our ability to actually be focused with the people who were are with.

The MIT Initiative on Technology and Self, Sherry Turkle, makes a point about how technological devices are ruining real time, in person conversations. When we are talking to someone face to face, we can’t control what we say. She explains how we are choosing to text or email someone because we have more time to think about what we are going to say, prior to saying it. This allows us to edit our thoughts and change them to make them perfect. We sound differently when we are talking through the computer, then if we were having a conversation in real time. Not only can we edit and delete what we say while using technology, but we can make ourselves sound a certain way. We can make ourselves sound smarter by typing up words we don’t even know the meanings of.

If I am sending an important email out I usually have a parent look over it and correct any mistakes I have made. Usually, this means they are re wording it to make my email sound more professional. Even though I am the one who is sending the email, it is a mixture of me and my parents voice.

The New York Times article, Does Technology Make Us More Alone, explains how we are living in a world where we are more connected with each other, however, we are also more alone.   I think this makes compete sense because from a personal point of view, I have noticed that instead of giving my full attention to the people I am with, I am constantly texting and checking social media.  I am quickly becoming more interested in my phone then in the people I am actually with – and that terrifies me!



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