How the Internet changes Traveling

When it comes to traveling, it seems almost impossible to do without the world wide web.  While being abroad I am extremely lucky to have many opportunities to travel to different countries and cities and therefore, I now feel like I have become an expert at traveling. The article Travel before the World Wide Web mentions how before the web, it was almost impossible to research cheap flights because the only way you could find out what airline was flying where and what the prices were, was to contact the airline directly. That meant that whenever I wanted to plan a trip – I would have to call an agent to book a flight for me and would just hope that I was getting the best flight and price deals. Now, I have access to websites like expedia that show flights from every airline. That means that when I book a flight I will know that I am getting the most convenient flight for the best price.


Another thing that wasn’t available before the web, was online check-ins. That meant you would have to go to the airport to check in and print out your boarding pass which is why everyone used to have to get to the airport two hours before the fight boards. Now, since I am able to check in online through the airline’s website or app -I only have to show up to the airport an hour before we board since all we have to do is go through security.

Things like Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp are also websites that help maximize traveling experiences. Last weekend  when I was in Prague I saw an Instagram picture of an old friend who was studying in Prague for the semester. I immediately reached out to her to tell her I was coming.  Despite the fact that she was only there for a few weeks, she told me many different places that I had to see while also recommending a few good restaurants. Without the internet, I wouldn’t have known that she was studying abroad in Prague and probably would have wasted a lot of time trying to figure out a good schedule where I was able to see as much of Prague as possible. 


I think everyone can easily agree with Matt Nomadic when he says, “the future of travel is on the internet” mostly because WiFi is offered almost everywhere you go. With WiFi, you can have access to basically the entire world web right at your fingertips. Even when you are on the go, you still have access to unlimited information. The Internet and web has helped me make sure that I was getting the best experience abroad as possible.


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